Top 15 Tips and Tricks for Modest Clothing in 2024

20 Jun, 2024 - Fashion


The widely known tips in life, whether for girls at weddings or general advice... Today, we're talking about the most important clothing tips. Tips for modest clothing in 2024.  

Not all these tips for girls revolve around hijab or marriage and other family and relatives' matters. Perhaps the most enjoyable among them are the tips related to clothing, dear Eve, how you organize your clothing, and we previously discussed coordinating colors in your closet.  

All that's left is to inform you with some tips and tricks in 2024 for hijabis. Even if your choice of modest clothing is for religious reasons or other personal reasons, you have found the most appropriate way to coordinate your clothes through it.  

What are the top ten tricks for hijabis and modest clothing?  

There isn't a specific year when fashion experts decide to control, write about, or declare the fashion of modest clothing. Instead, each year beats the previous one, with more choices and more ideas, and the fashion movement always leans towards modest clothing. Whether in pants, or even blouses or tunics, the basic upper pieces.  

Is modesty only for hijabis?  

There's nothing to prove that modesty is a style and way of dressing exclusively for hijabis. It's a suitable approach for anyone who wants a comfortable and modest way of dressing that helps them move safely and comfortably. Therefore, we inform you that modesty is not just for hijabis, even though most of them are hijabis.  

Why do you need modest clothing?  

Your style of dressing may not be the most stunning, but it's suitable for your personality, and that's why modest clothing is the choice of some people because it suits their personality. Whether the reasons are religious or even other reasons including comfort, those reasons remain valid.  

It's a method that cannot be underestimated. The most important thing is knowing how to coordinate modest clothing and what the perfect way to do it is. Let's explore together the tricks, ideas, and tips for modest clothing.  

1- Wearing a loose shirt  

One of the top 15 tricks is wearing a loose shirt that covers the chest and has a neckline allowing for four fingers from your hand to fit within that measured distance from the collarbone's prominence, which is the uppermost main bone of your chest.  

2- Not revealing the shape of your body  

One of the most important tricks we learn here is to wear modest, loose-fitting clothes that are neither revealing nor stick, striking a balance between being loose and the appropriate fit for you.  

3- High-necked blouse with trousers  

If you're spending a long day at the office or having a typical professional day, you need to wear a high-necked blouse with trousers and a jacket. This way, you've achieved the equation of modest dressing for a daytime work.  

4- Don't show too much skin  

It may sound strange, but if you've chosen modest clothing as your lifestyle and closing style, you'll avoid showing bare skin or revealing anything from your arms or neckline. Therefore, we advise you to opt for shirts that conceal those areas of your skin and body.  

5- Long-sleeved shirt  

If you desire a simple look, you can integrate a long-sleeved shirt with a skirt that gives a wonderful shape. It shouldn't be too long but rather a length that hides your legs, thus choosing a suitable modest look.  

6- Long tunic  

In the summer, we advise you that the best and simplest trick is the long-sleeved maxi dress. It gives a sense of freedom while maintaining your modesty in clothing. It's an easy choice that requires no coordination.  

7- Non-sticking clothes  

If you desire modesty, you'll steer clear of tight-fitting clothes or fabrics that stick to the body. Choose soft, breathable, non-elastic materials that don't stick to the skin to ensure a calm and covered appearance.  

8- Add layers for a unpretentious look  

If you aim for a unpretentious appearance, consider layering some of your clothes, such as wearing a long-sleeved jacket over a long dress with slightly shorter sleeves. The shorter sleeves will be hidden under the long jacket, and its long sleeves are one of the tricks for modest clothing.  

9- Choose lightweight fabrics  

Opting for lightweight fabrics is the ideal and very suitable choice for summer, especially with rising temperatures, such as cotton, nylon, and polyester. As for winter, you should choose wool, which is essential in cold weather.  

10- Shirt covering the back  

If you're in a sports occasion or at a sports venue, you should wear trousers made of thicker materials, and another trick is a long shirt that covers your back.  

11- Comfortable pants  

When choosing a modest dressing style, it's best for trousers and pants to be comfortable, allowing you to move freely without clinging to your body. This is one of the most important tricks and tips for modest clothing.  

12- Hiding undergarments  

If you've chosen modest clothing, undergarments should be completely hidden. It's essential to conceal the shape and color of the bra completely.  

13- Test your appearance in front of the mirror  

Testing your appearance in front of the mirror and coordinating it isn't a luxury; it's a trick among the tricks of modest clothing. It's one of the ideas that give you confirmation of your consistent modest appearance over the years, not just in 2024.  

14- Seamless underwear  

If you desire to wear tight pants, which we do not recommend, but in that case, you should choose seamless underwear.  

15- Wearing scarves  

Scarves or shawls are a good and creative way to add some variety to your outfit and clothing pieces. They provide a sense of uniqueness and distinction, adding a touch of joy to your clothes.  



Maintain your beauty with a sense of modesty and sophistication. You need some advice and practice more than once to feel that you're on the right track, but there's no need to despair as long as there's an idea in your mind and thoughts.  

Express your choice clearly and boldly, don't hide behind the words of some people about your choice. Embrace your elegance mixed with modesty and respect.  

Various tricks and ideas for the modest woman and the modest appearance in the year 2024 from the  Seren blog for modest clothing, whether hijabis or otherwise.  

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